For its millions of annual clients, IKEA offers a wide range of furniture for usage.

However, you may find that you need to return some things, even if they have been built while shopping at IKEA. Here’s everything you need to learn about returning assembled furniture to IKEA thus far.

Last year, IKEA started a “Buy Back and Resell” initiative, allowing customers to sell their unwanted furniture in exchange for store credit. The program was once only available globally, much to the chagrin of many American clients.

However, following a successful test at an IKEA shop in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, the concept has now been expanded to 33 locations across the United States.

IKEA will add the “As-Is” section to the initiative to sweeten the deal, where gently used items will be given a second chance. Ikea will only acquire products that are completely functioning and assembled, and the shop will consider age, condition, and functionality before agreeing to buy them.

IKEA’s mission to encourage sustainable living includes this program to help minimize the number of home furnishing products thrown out. IKEA touts its BuyBack & Resell program as a sustainable and cost-effective choice for customers, one that will help the company meet its 2030 objective of becoming climate positive.

Jennifer Keesson, Country Sustainability Manager at IKEA U.S., says that IKEA is ardent about making sustainable living easy and accessible for all, adding that IKEA wants to be part of the future that benefits both people and the environment.

“We hope that the Buy-Back & Resell service motivates our customers to live a more sustainable life at home by giving their used furniture a second life,” she says.

As a special incentive for IKEA family members, the program will run from November 1st until December 5th. The retailer will only accept properly assembled IKEA furniture that has not been modified for the time being.

Customers must answer an online form to check item eligibility to take part. If your products are accepted, the merchant will send you an email with a quote, and then you can sell your old furniture at any participating location.

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