Schools have many factors to consider when it comes to flooring their building. These factors include chemicals, off-gassed irritants, and allergens that may originate from the flooring. One also needs to consider the cost, space allotted for flooring, and environmental impact. These factors allow us to explore various options, such as placing carpets and classroom rugs or choosing resilient flooring.

Irrespective of the flooring option the school considers, they must be conscious and intentional about adequate maintenance of carpets or flooring. This way, they can endure heavy usage and contribute to creating an educational atmosphere that’s safe, conducive, and healthy for the occupants.

This article will discuss tips that will help schools maintain their flooring so that it isn’t just long-lasting and good-looking. They include:

Routine Floor Cleaning

  • Floor cleaning exercises should be carried out at regular intervals. They include using a vacuum, broom, or brush to remove debris and dirt that can cause scuffs or scratches on the floor.
  • The classroom should use dusters to rid the floors of dust.
  • Spills on the floor should be wiped using a mop or a damp cloth. The school should also mop or spot-clean the floor at regular intervals.

Preventive Tips for Floor Maintenance

  • Effective preventive measures for your flooring involve using felt guides or rubber casters, which will be placed beneath your furniture to prevent it from scratching the floor.
  • You can also install footmats at the entrance of the classroom or office to lessen the debris or dirt brought in by whoever enters.
  • Another measure is securing classroom rugs with slip-resistant support. Furthermore, choosing breathable mats and rugs will allow you to cover the floor area from becoming discolored.

Using the Right Type of Carpeting

Carpet makers usually rate carpets on a scale of 1-5, using performance as a determinant. Experts suggest that areas with high foot traffic such as corridors/hallways, entrances, or canteens/refectories should be floored with carpets rated 4-5. Then areas with lesser foot traffic, such as conference rooms, libraries, and others, can be floored with carpets rated 3.

Lastly, areas with very low foot traffic, such as the office of staff or the school administrator, can be floored with carpeting rated at least 2.5. The first part is to get the proper carpet for the respective areas in a school building. The second part is establishing a well-outlined maintenance program to ensure the school maximizes the lifespan and aesthetics of the carpeting.

Extraction Cleaning

This type of cleaning should be carried out in every nook and cranny of the school building after the air-conditioning system has been turned on and some days before the school session begins. The next extraction cleaning should be executed when the school is on winter break.

In essence, extraction cleaning takes place only when the school is empty. The air-conditioning system should be active during such exercise and remain for a minimum of 2 days after completing the activity.

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