Empty corners usually stand out and make otherwise lovely spaces appear odd, even though they are full of possibilities. No room is complete until all of the nooks and crannies have been lovingly adorned. And, fortunately, corner decoration is usually simple. An accent chair, a gallery wall, or an indoor plant can sometimes be all that’s required.

Purchase a Corner Bookcase

A custom-fit corner bookshelf is great for bringing an empty corner to life, whether you choose a floor-to-ceiling choice or a compact version. You should color the bookshelf the same color as the walls to produce a uniform look.

Set your Chaise Lounge

It can be hard to determine where to put a chaise lounge if you’re short on room, but situating it in the corner is ideal. You may showcase it by angling it to stand out rather than keeping it flush against the wall—you’d be shocked what a mere change of position can do.

Install Floating Shelves

When you’re short on cabinet space, you can make room for plates and other glassware. By installing custom floating shelves that fit exactly into corners, you can provide much-needed storage space.

Setting up a Desk

With the addition of a desk, any vacant area may be transformed into a home office. A thin tabletop with a couple of floating countertop support brackets firmly attached to the wall studs or an easy-to-assemble table that can also serve as a desk.

Fitting a Workstation to Your Specifications

A small area has a lot of potential to become an ideal workstation, but it needs to make the most of every inch of available space. Adding a seamless dresser or custom workstation to a blank area transforms it from naked to brainstorming space. You could also add some corner cabinets for additional storage.

Display Unique Furniture

An empty area can be the ideal setting for showcasing one-of-a-kind furniture that needs to stand out. This magnificent vintage-style chest with drawers and cabinets fits wonderfully into this otherwise empty corner area.

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