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What’s the Standard Size Of A Fireplace?

From the heartwarming scenes of yesteryears, where families huddled around the hearth, to today’s elegant living rooms, where a fireplace is a centerpiece- the attraction of a blazing place is universal. The standard size of a fireplace has changed over the centuries. It has gradually adapted to our evolving lifestyles, technological breakthroughs, and architectural preferences. The elements that makeup fireplace structures — from the fireplace mantel to the surround — are …


Practical Maintenance Tips for Flooring in School Buildings

Schools have many factors to consider when it comes to flooring their building. These factors include chemicals, off-gassed irritants, and allergens that may originate from the flooring. One also needs to consider the cost, space allotted for flooring, and environmental impact. These factors allow us to explore various options, such as placing carpets and classroom rugs or choosing resilient flooring.
Irrespective of the flooring option the school considers, they must be conscious and intentional about adequate maintenance of carpets or flooring. …

Furniture Buying Guides

The Best Online Stores for Buying Furniture

Nobody can dispute that shopping for furniture in a real store is a lot of fun—you get to sit on a lot of sofas, try out a bunch of different beds, and cuddle up in a bunch of various chairs to help you discover the perfect fit.
However, the internet far outstrips the traditional shopping experience in terms of selection. You can find almost any store and style you want online in just a few clicks.
When you purchase online, you may not be able to try out a couch for yourself…

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BenchMade Custom Sofas that Ship in Five Weeks

It takes months for furniture to arrive in your home once you order. While this has come to be accepted as the norm, BenchMade believes that you deserve better. You will have your furniture delivered to you within 5 weeks. Can you imagine that? 5 weeks.
You will be pleased to know that a tested system ensures you get exactly what you want. You will not get home only to find that you did not buy what you wanted.

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Simple Ways to Create a Warm and Inviting Guest Room

What’s the point of having a guest room that isn’t welcoming, comfortable, and inviting? If you have a visitor, you want them to feel comfortable and at home. Consider what makes you the most comfortable while decorating the area and incorporate it.
Make sure your guests have a nice, tranquil place to sleep at night. That is why, to be a good host, you must create a guest room that is as quiet, comfortable, and inviting as possible.
Making a warm home away from …